Does Pure Cotton Socks Are 100 Cotton

We usually prefer to wear pure cotton socks, however, does the pure cotton is 100% cotton? Socks expert’s answer is no, that is, there is no 100% cotton socks. If a pair of socks are 100% cotton, the socks is completely inelastic, woven socks to be particularly large in order to set into it, we can imagine how these socks are not loose,not comfortable.
100% cotton socks with high shrinkage, not strong, will easily wear out. Generally, the cotton content in more than 75% of the socks can be referred to as “full cotton socks”, and 85% cotton socks is a very high-grade cotton socks. also need to add some functional fiber to keep it flexibility, fastness and comfortable. Polyester, spandex, nylon are very common functional fibers.

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